ALBUQUERQUE WEEKLY ALIBI- Michael Henningsen "Their ongoing music education has afforded them a unique insight into the traditional folk music of many of the cultures scattered about the Southwestern United States, in turn allowing them to enrich the lives of others through a rich repetoire of song and dance. While it is convenient to call BAYOU SECO a cajun band, anyone who has experienced their live sets or recordings know there's much more to it than that. Their music is an amalgam of strikingly different styles that coalesces into a musical blend for which there is neither name nor substitute. In unison, they inspire childlike magic and curiosity with music that can, in many cases, be traced several generations into the past. It's no surprise then, that Bayou Seco's soon to be released album, Use It Again, is a family record, geared specifically toward children. But regardless of whether you're four or 84, Bayou Seco always manage to have something up their collective sleeve for you. Their music is exceedingly joyous, dance inspiring and a respectful preservation of tradition."